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Now available at African Cats double knotted Dyneema® SK78® trampoline webbing in dark grey.We are pleasant to introduce our new Dyneema® SK78® trampoline webbing !... Continue reading →

Photo of lightweight fender06-05-2013 LIGHTWEIGT FENDER NEW COLOUR
African Cats changed the colour of its light weight fenders from light to dark grey, the reason was to show and attract less dirt. Other colours, sizes and special branding of the fenders is possible from an order of minimal 20 units... Continue reading →

Photo of new li-ion batteries17-12-2012 NEW GENERATION LITIUM ION BATTERIES
African Cats is introducing the 3rd generation Lithium Ion batteries to save 35% in weight and increase power by 20% for the Green-Motion Hybrid propulsion and generation system.The European Batteries modules used on the next GreenCat 445... Continue reading →

Productionline of the carbon fibre greencat29-11-2012 FIRST CARBON FIBRE GREENCAT NEARING COMPLET
The first carbon fiber World cruiser GreenCat 445 is nearing completion (almost fossil fuel free). Target weight for this Green-Motion technology equipped World cruiser version is 6650 kilo in the water full equipped (14630 Lbs)... Continue reading →

SK90 on Greencat18-10-2012 DYNEEMA® SK90® ON NEW GREENCAT 605
African Cats use Dyneema® SK90® webbing on there new builds GreenCat 605 Green-Motion. For almost 10 years African Cats used Dyneema® SK75® on all Fast and GreenCat's. The new Dyneema® SK90® is 15 % stronger, and it has even less stretch... Continue reading →

Greencat 605 on the water after launch12-07-2012 LAUNCH FIRST GREENCAT 605
African Cats launched the first GreenCat 605 designed by Simonis-Voogd in Durban South Africa. This luxury- comfortable performance 61ft. cruising catamaran is build in carbon with Kevlar reinforcement and has an empty weight of only 14.000 kilo's... Continue reading →

White lightweight fender02-06-2012 LIGHTWEIGT FENDER
African Cats has developed Strong Lightweight inflatable fenders with high UV-resistance. The lightweight inflating fenders measure height 75 x 30 cm and only weight 125 gram. Each fender has a strong stainless ring on top and bottom and can be used in a horizontal and vertical way... Continue reading →

Greencat 445 at full speed05-05-2012 GREENCAT 445 SAILING SPEED FUN
The owner off the third GreenCat 445 “Sabine" made this film after taking delivery when sailing near the Durban coats in South Africa. He sailed his GreenCat 445 in excess of 20 knots during this tryout... Continue reading →

New engine for the greencat 60525-04-2012 FIRST GREENCAT 605 WITH NEW 20KW MOTOR
African Cats BV will launch the new Simonis/Voogd design first GreenCat 605 Green-Motion in May this year. This fully equipped 18.74 meter 61 Ft performance sailing catamaran has a very low empty weight of 13.000 kilo's (28.500 Lbs.) build in carbon with Kevlar reinforcement (max. payload 7000 kilo).... Continue reading →

Picture of Dyneema webbing01-03-2012 DYNEEMA WEBBING
African Cats BV can produce Dyneema® SK90 trampoline material in many colours and various mesh sizes (10 up to 50 mm) for minimum orders of 100 kilo-/ 300m2. We use Dyneema® SK90®, a fibre with increased strength grade pushing the boundaries of light weight, extreme strength, minimal stretch and UV-resistant.... Continue reading →

05-06-11 - GREEN MOTION sails away with The MANSURA TROPHY
GREEN MOTION SAILS AWAY WITH THE MANSURA TROPHY At a ceremony held at the Royal Thames Yacht Club Thursday, May 12th Gideon Goudsmit of African Cats BV was presented with the Royal Thames Mansura Trophy for the remarkable performance of … Continue reading →

Introduction of specially developed propeller for GREEN-MOTION system AFRICAN CATS finalized the propeller type and sizes for her 10, 20 and 30 kW motogen* in the GREEN-MOTION retractable motor set up. Testing To realize a good balance between propulsion and … Continue reading →

16-02-11 - V-LITE RIB weighs 27 kilo!
African Cats now also builds her V-LITE Rib's in vacuum epoxy infusion even lighter than before. The V-LITE RIB weighs only 27 kilo's complete for the size of 3.10 meter The V-LITE RIB itself has a V-shaped bottom which results … Continue reading →

25-01-11 - Launch of first production GREEN MOTION FASTCAT
AFRICAN CATS is happy to announce the successful launch of the first GREEN MOTION production FASTCAT last week in Durban S.A. This electric FASTCAT 445 was launched and effectively became the first basalt fibre electric hybrid catamaran in the world! … Continue reading →

SAILING FOSSIL FUEL FREE with GREEN MOTION SYSTEM that becomes available early 2011! The GREEN MOTION system eliminates fossil fuel used by sailing yachts in any way. Electrical energy is generated with the system and is stored in lithium-ion batteries. … Continue reading →

21-12-10 - PROGRESS in building FASTCAT 605 Green Motion!
The build of the new FASTCAT 605 GREEN MOTION is progressing very well. Design With the design of this new FASTCAT the following specifications were given to architect Simonis Voogd. It had to become a high performance catamaran with ample … Continue reading →

26-05-10 - FastCat 445 Green eMotion arrived in The Netherlands
After a successful sail from South Africa to Europe, FASTCAT 445 Green eMotion arrived in The Netherlands, May 25th, 2010. GREEN eMOTION sails to Europe! GREEN eMOTION arrived in The Netherlands!

02-02-10 - Carbon FastCat 445 Green Motion in production!
Carbon fiber FastCat 445 Sport Cruiser Green Motion in production! African Cats is pleased to announce that her next demonstration model will be a FastCat 445 built completely with epoxy resin infused CARBON fiber and the all new Divinycell Z … Continue reading →

POWERCAT 380 is the most recent power catamaran added to the AFRICAN CATS gamut of sailing and power catamarans. The POWERCAT 380 Catamaran was designed, engineered and built to suit the cruising family or couple, offering spacious and comfortable accommodations … Continue reading →

African Cats introduces SAILING CATALITE RIB! Following to the development of the CATALITE RIB, African Cats decided to produce a Sailing RIB version of the CATALITE RIB. The Sailing Catalite RIB is available in 3.10 m, 3.60 m en 4.20 … Continue reading →